Welcome to Underground Shop

Underground shop founded in 2005 as a virtual shop on eBay, with all kinds of items for sale, from coins to invest or collect, clothes, computers, car parts, books and etc. With over 2000 items sold to date.

Currently Underground shop has divided into 3 areas, in order to expand in collecting, investment and business opportunities.

The Blog section will find the stories of restoration of vehicles, anecdotes and photographic documentation of the tasks carried out.

In the section “Sales of eBay items” where the sales history and items existing, with the link to go the store.

The section of “sale and rental of vehicles” will find all the vehicles that are currently for sale and rent, always focused on people fond engine, since most are classic, unique and unusual.

And last but not least the section “domain sales” Underground shop which owns several names registered in order to be useful to others and to have a business opportunity online with an attractive name.

In each of these sections you will find more information on products and policies.

Web updated  8-5-2020